Komatsu Excavator Accseeories H-5637 07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter 2446U233S2 DGMH555F

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong ,China
Brand Name: KOMAI
Model Number: H-11046
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
Price: $10-$15/pc
Packaging Details: color inner box / outer carton ; customers' brand box are acceptable
Delivery Time: 7-30dyas
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000pcs/month
Detail Information
Model No.: H-11046 Part Name: Hydraulic Oil Filter
Part No.: H-5637 07063-11046 OEM No.: 2446U233S2 DGMH555F
Brand: Komai WorKing Hours: 500 Hours
Material: Fiber Glass After Sales Service: Provided
Warranty: 3months Key Words: Hydraulic Filter
High Light:

07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter


2446U233S2 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter


Excavator Hydraulic Oil Return Filter

Product Description

Komatsu Excavator accseeories H-5637 07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter 2446U233S2 DGMH555F






Part Name

Hydraulic oil return filter


Fiber glass paper 

Part NO.

20Y-62-K5890 20Y-970-1820

Brand  KOMAI


High quality aftermarket part

Working hours

More than 500 hours



Overall length 230mm

Largest OD

End ID 50mm


Packing details

  1. Single package size :11.2*11.1*24.9cm
  2. Gross weight: 1 kgs/pc
  3. Quantity per carton: 20 pcs
  4. Carton dimension: 55.7*22.8*51.8cm
  5. Gross weight per carton: 21kgs


  • 1.Heavy duty steel with high grade
  • 2.High efficiency HV filter paper
  • 3.Rubber gasket for sealing
  • 4.High quality adhesive
  • 5.Height: 230mm  Overall OD: 94mm End  ID:50mm
  • 6.Part No.:H-5637 07063-11046

Corss part Number


      H-5637                                                     07063-11046

      2446U233S2                                            WG515

      HY9045                                                    HY90501

      SH60035                                                  DGMH555F

      07063-11046                                            PT8404MPG

      20Y-62-K5890                                          20Y-970-1820


Appliion for excavators

  • Komatsu PC200-5(PC200-5R)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-5(PC200LCC)
  • Komatsu PC200-5(PC200-5C)
  • Komatsu PC210-5
  • Komatsu PC200-5X(PC200-4R)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-5X(PC200L1R)
  • Komatsu PC200-5Z(PC200-6R)
  • Komatsu PC200-5/LC-5(PC200LC5)
  • Komatsu PC200-5C(PC200-0C)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-5C(PC200L0C)
  • Komatsu PC200-5S(PC200-0R)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-5S(PC200L0R)
  • Komatsu PC200-5T(PC200-1C)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-5T(PC200L1C)
  • Komatsu PC200-6(PC200-7C)
  • Komatsu PC200-6 Serial NO.60001 and up(PC2006CN)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-6 Serial NO.70001 and up
  • Komatsu PC200-7(Overseas Version)(PC200-9C)
  • Komatsu PC200-7 (SUPER LONG FRONT)(PC200-CC)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-7(Overseas Version)(PC200L7C)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-7(SUPER LONG FRONT)(PC200LBC)
  • Komatsu PC200-7-AA(PC200-DR)
  • Komatsu PC200-7-AP(PC200-CR)
  • Komatsu PC200-7/PC200LC-7(BKC0002C)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-7-BA(PC200L8R)
  • Komatsu PC200LC-7-BP(PC200L9R)
  • Komatsu PC200SC-7-M1(PC200S0R)
  • Komatsu PC200-8/210-8/220-8
  • Komatsu PC210-6(PC210-6R)
  • Komatsu PC210-6(PC210-6C)
  • Komatsu PC210LC-6(PC210LCC)
  • Komatsu PC210LC-6(PC210LCR)
  • Komatsu PC210LC-6G(PC210L0R)
  • Komatsu PC220-5(PC220-5R)
  • Komatsu PC220-5C(PC220-4R)
  • Komatsu PC220-7(Overseas Version)(PC220-7C)
  • Komatsu PC220-7-AA(PC220-7R)
  • Komatsu PC220LC-7
  • Komatsu PC220-8(PC220-8C)(ecot3)
  • Komatsu PC230-7-AA(PC230-7R)
  • Komatsu PC230-7-CG(PC230-0R)
  • Komatsu PC230LC-7-BA(PC230L0R)
  • Komatsu PC230LC-7-DG(PC230L1R)
  • 312D, 312D L
  •  312D2
  •  312D2 GC,312D2 L
  •   312E/EL
  • Kobelco SK40-2 SK40L-2
  • Kobelco SK60
  • Kobelco SK60 LE11001
  • Kobelco SK60 MKV
  • Kobelco SK60-3  LE17077-17083  LE14101-LE17595
  • Kobelco SK60 MKIII
  • Kobelco SK60 IV
  • Kobelco SK60-4 LE17596-LE17700 LEJ0201
  • Kobelco SK60-5 LE17701-LE19738
  • Kobelco Acera SK100 SK100/100L
  • Kobelco SK100-4
  • Kobelco SK100-V
  • Kobelco SK115DZ/YY02
  • Kobelco SK120 LPU1001 YPU1001
  • Kobelco SK120 LP13601 YP02501
  • Kobelco SK120 LP11001 LP13332 YP02301 YP02376
  • Kobelco SK120 III SK120 IV
  • Kobelco SK130 LPU1001/LPU2000
  • Kobelco SK130LC YPU2000
  • Kobelco SK130LC IV
  • Kobelco SK150LC YMU01501/YMU0100
  • Kobelco SK150LC III
  • Kobelco SK150LC IV, SK160 IV
  • Kobelco SK200-2
  • Kobelco SK200-3
  • Kobelco SK200LC-3 YQU0401-YQU0700
  • Kobelco SK200,-3/SK200LC-3  YNU0001-YNU0200 YQU0701/YQU2000
  • Kobelco SK200-4/SK200LC-4  YNU0501/YQU3101
  • Kobelco SK200-5/SK200LC-5  YNT00001 YQ02801-YN23301
  • Kobelco SK200-5/SK200LC-5 YN018001-YN022848 YQ002301-YQ002654
  • Kobelco SK210LC-4 YQU3101
  • Kobelco SK210-4 YNU0501
  • Kobelco SK220-4  LQU0101
  • Kobelco SK220LC-4 LLU1801
  • Kobelco SK220LC-4 LLU1201/LLU1800
  • Kobelco SK220LC,SK220LC III
  • Kobelco SK220LC IV
  • Kobelco SK250 LQU0101
  • Kobelco SK250NLC LLU5059
  • Kobelco SK250- IV LC/NLC
  • Kobelco SK250LC-4 LLU1801
  • Kobelco SK400LC-3  YSU0001  YS00547
  • Kobelco SK400LC IV
  • Kobelco SK400LC-4  YSU0200   YSJ0002
  • Kobelco SK430 Mark III SK430LC Mark III
  • Kobelco SK460LC-4
  • Kobelco K907C, K907CLC
  • Kobelco SK400LC III, SK400LC IV
  • Kobelco SK400 Mark III, SK400LC Mark III
  • Kobelco SK400-3 LSU0001


  • 1.We are a factory with 15years experiences specialized in machinery engine filters for construction equipments
  • 2.We keep a large amount of stock for fast delivery to meet customer's urgent requirements
  • 3.We have an experienced and well trainned oversea sales team to guarantee professional service
  • 4.Professional Performance Construction Machinery excavators/ Engineering Equipments / heavy duty Truck / Diesel engines/ Air System / Fuel System filter supplier
  • 5.We accupy our own branded products to constantly ensue high quality,maintain a longterm cooperation
  • 6.We accept both OEM and ODM.

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Komatsu Excavator Accseeories H-5637 07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter 2446U233S2 DGMH555F 0Komatsu Excavator Accseeories H-5637 07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter 2446U233S2 DGMH555F 1


Komai series product



Komatsu Excavator Accseeories H-5637 07063-11046 Hydraulic Oil Return Filter 2446U233S2 DGMH555F 2



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